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To All our participants, This event is observing all the COVIS-19 requirements, therefore, we ask all our participants to kindly adhere with the NSW governments rules and regulations, including keeping the 1.5 meter distance and  regularly sanitise your hands using provided Hand sanitisers around the venue.  Please remember, we need your full cooperation to maintain a COVID-19  event.  Many thanks. 

Iranian football Association Australia ( IFAA ) established by founded members ( Iranian Community Ambassadors )   in August 2014 prior to Asian Cup which was conducted in Sydney during January 2015 in order to:

  •  To promote the sport of football [soccer] and engaging the community through soccer
  •  To teach the skill of playing football [soccer].
  •  To organise social and recreational activities for its members.
  •  To arrange for promote and foster the establishment and development of a charitable, non-profit organisation dedicated to the sport of soccer and promote friendship, multiculturalism and encourage the doing of good deeds.


  •  To enter into any arrangements with any government or authority, supreme municipal, local or otherwise, that may seem conducive to the IFAA objects or any of them and to obtain from any such government or authority and rights privileges and concessions which the Association  may think it desirable to obtain; and to carry out exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.


Facts about Iran and Iranian football lovers :

Major Community – More than 30,000 Iranian Australians in NSW – clusters in Hornsby, Hills Shire, Parramatta, Blacktown, Ku-Ringai LGA’s
Proud History – Iran Team Melli ( Football ) is 3 time Asian Cup winners & has played in 3 World Cups and currently ranked first in Asia. In addition to Football, without doubt, Iran is the king of Asian Futsal currently ranked 1st in Asia and also 5th in the world. another success stories are the recent success of Iranian beach football and also women football team in Asia
Dominant Passion – Football – Futsal is the number 1 passion of the Australian Iranian community and a crucial engagement platform for men & Women – boys & girls
Outside the System – The majority of the Iranian community plays unregistered “park football” and are outside the Football NSW system

Community issues need to be addressed and IFAA has already started to plan and create pathways to tackles these issues.

1. Tournament – No existing tournament uniting the Iranian community in both football and Futsal
2. Community Club – No pathway officially registered Iranian Australian club
3. Junior Development – No organised Junior development program / no Football Academy
4. Representative Team – No current Iranian NSW representative teams in both Football and Futsal

Program Summary: An integrated program is to be developed to address the above Australian Iranian Community football / Futsal needs based.

IFAA has participated in various football and futsal tournaments and friendlies against other communities since 2015 and this has been highly welcomed and appreciated by Iranian communities. IFAA aim is to ensure continuity and sustainability of football and futsal training and tournaments in order to build a solid friendship between various levels of Iranian communities.