IFAA’s Futsal team participated in the First ever “Alliance ethnic World Cup”

In spite of excellent performance and deserved to be in quarter-final, Iranian futsal team finished 3rd in their group matches and Spain ( winner of Alliance Cup ) and Japan quailed from our group to the quarter-final .
Iran started brilliantly their first match in a very tight and competitive game against Spain and after losing few one to one chances game ended in draw ( 2-2 ) .
Our young boys defeated Greece in one way game 16-0 in 2nd match and as result needed just a draw against Japan to top the group.

Iran Controlled the game in the first 10 minutes against Japan and even scored the first goal which put us in a very comfortable position to quality for 2nd round and somehow the game momentum suddenly changed in favour of Japan in 2nd half and we lost the game ( 4-2 ) to Japan .
I believe the injuries, tiredness and perhaps lack of fitness was contributing factor in our loss .
Given players only conducted 5 training session and injuries of 3 main players 1 week before the game, I am so proud of our boys’ performance in their first appearances and I am very positive with leadership of Babak as our head coach we will nominate much stronger team in upcoming tournaments.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all players, Babak our coach and finally Jahan and Manouchehr for Excellent work they executed to gel the team and also Mr. Shiari for preparation of documentary about Alliance ethnic World Cup.

This is just beginning and more to come.

Alireza Ehsani
President- Iranian football Association Australia


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